What happens if my Link Essential can no longer access the network?


If your Wi-Fi is unavailable, Somfy Home Alarm Essential still works locally. This means your home will remain protected, and your IntelliTAGs motion sensors will still trigger alerts and sound the alarms. Control via the application and the user presence display are the only things that aren't operational.

You can still activate or deactivate the system through the key fobs or the keypad.


I've activated Somfy Around

The Somfy Around community network ensures encrypted and anonymous transmission of your alerts when your Wi-Fi is unavailable.

This free service is available when one of your neighbors also has Somfy Home Essential, Somfy Home Alarm, Somfy One+ and has activated the service. Your neighbor's equipment then receives an anonymous Somfy Around message and sends it to the Somfy Cloud so the alert reaches its recipient. 


Menu > Settings > Somfy Around

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