I'm moving. What should I do with my installed alarm?


If you own a Link Essential and need to move, there are two possible scenarios:

  • You are moving and bringing your installed alarm to your new home
  • You are moving and leaving the installed alarm for the new owner



You have two options:

  • leave the associated equipment
  • delete the installation


  1. leave the associated equipment


Before leaving


  • Make sure the alarm status is deactivated
  • deactivate alerts through "My account," along with users and community members
  • unplug the Link Essential. The Link Essential will switch over to built-in battery power and will shut down within 12 hours.  
  • take down each piece of equipment, being sure to label them for easy identification and installation in your new home,
  • remove disposable batteries from the equipment to keep them fresh.


When you arrive at your new home


You will be able to set up your alarm again easily, thanks to the precautions you took while packing for your move.

A few pieces of advice:

  • plug in your Link Essantial. If you have kept the Wi-Fi settings you had in your previous home, the Link will be able to connect. Otherwise, change the Wi-Fi network :Changing the Link Essential's Wi-Fi network
  • the same applies if you own a camera :How do I change the camera's WiFi network?
  • change the double-sided tape on the equipment for ideal adhesion,
  • reposition your clearly identified equipment,
  • recalibrate the IntelliTAGs placed on swinging doors and windows
  • rename the equipment in your Somfy Protect app,
  • add any missing equipment in the app,
  • reactivate alerts, community, and user(s)
  • if you have remote surveillance, remember to update your personal information.


  1. I am deleting the installation.


You can delete everything; you will need to relink everything later. 

Menu > My device > Link Essential > Delete




  • Simply delete the Link Essential; all the equipment will be deleted along with it.
  • The next owner will be able to reinstall the system from their user account.
  • Be sure to provide the name of the Somfy Protect app so the new owner can install it.
  • If your system is still under the 5-year warranty, don't forget to leave them the receipt, as it is required for all returns through our after-sales service department.

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