How do I use my keypad?


The purpose of the keypad is to activate and deactivate your security system.


It uses a main code for all users, no matter how many keypads are in use at the location, and it also allows to assign a user code to each user



  1. Type in the alarm code
  2. Press the key corresponding to the desired action:
    • White, closed lock: alarm activated
    • Black & white lock: night mode
    • Open lock: alarm deactivated
  3. 2 beeps and a white light = the action has been taken (if the code entered is incorrect, there will be one long beep and the red cross will light up)


If you made a mistake while entering your code but haven't yet selected an action:

  • Press the cross
  • Enter your code again from the beginning
  • Then press the desired action


Note: To activate the alarm without typing in the code, go to the Somfy Protect app > My equipment > Keypad and turn off the "Activate alarm with code" setting

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