How do I change the settings on my Android phone/disable the battery optimization features, so the smart activation is operational?

In order for the smart activation feature to work, you must authorize the Somfy Protect app to use location services. 


Reminder: This feature relies on your phone's geolocation. The GPS is used to determine when you leave or return home. 


The use of this service maximizes the effectiveness of the smart activation feature, but consequently impacts your phone's battery.


The battery optimization features are very restrictive on Android phones. 

When manufacturers detect the use of a service or feature that impacts their battery, they decide to stop/shut down some of these features to preserve battery power, including the one we use for the smart activation feature. 


For your application's smart activation feature to work properly, we recommend deactivating the battery optimization features for Somfy Protect. This ensures that your position detection works properly.  


Below are links to the most commonly used phones for workarounds:

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