What are the limitations of geolocation on your iPhone app?

Without a key fob, this feature relies on your phone's geolocation. The GPS is used to determine when you leave or return home. However, the feature has certain limitations:

- In order to protect your privacy, apps are less and less able to determine the location of your phone, which is considered sensitive data. This means that, after updating your phone, you may find that the feature is no longer available.

- Your surroundings may keep your phone from correctly determining your location. If you go underground (parking lots, subways, etc.) or enter an elevator, for example, that may keep smart activation from working properly.

- An Internet connection is required when you leave the perimeter around your home (approx. 1,500 ft / 450 m). If your connection is weak, or you have no mobile network, that may keep smart activation from working properly. 

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