How can you control your indoor cameras system with an Apple Watch?



You can control your security system via your Apple Watch. 


Your Apple Watch must have at least OS version 3. 


If you need help adding a Somfy Protect complication on your Apple Watch, please refer to the section “Adding complications to the watch face” at the following link: 


To use your Apple Watch to manage your security system, you must be connected to your system on your Somfy Protect app. 



With an indoor camera, the functionalities available on your Apple Watch are as follows: 

  • Activate
  • Deactivate


The actions performed on your app and on your Apple Watch are synchronized in real time. 


If you manage multiple systems, the system you last selected on your app will be the one that is displayed on your Apple Watch. 


Community of Trust:


Only owners, children and guests can manage your security system via the Apple Watch. If people are associated with your Community of Trust, they will not be able to use this feature. 




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