Somfy Indoor Camera Installation

This article explains how to install the Somfy Indoor Camera.

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Before you start installing the camera, please make sure that your phone is properly connected to your residential gateway box via WiFi.




Please follow the steps below, which are displayed in the application:


1. Plug the camera into the power supply and wait until it flashes blue;


- If this does not happen, unplug it and plug it back in again, pushing the connector as far as it will go into the rear of the camera.

- If the camera is still not flashing blue, you will need to reboot it:

Reboot the camera by using the pin provided with the user guide (a paper clip will also do the trick). You need to insert the pin into the hole located below the power port at the rear of the camera.

Insert the pin and keep it pushed in for about 12 seconds until you hear an audible signal. If there is no audible signal, insert the pin again, first briefly, then wait 10 seconds before inserting it once again until you hear the audible signal.

The camera will restart and once it has fully rebooted, it should be flashing blue


2. On the next screen, select the WiFi network and enter your WiFi password. If you're using an iPhone, you won't need to enter the password, as the iPhone shares it directly with the Somfy Indoor Camera.


3. The next screen indicates that the camera is connecting and that it can take a minute – the camera is now flashing white


If the installation procedure is successful, the camera emits a steady white light

If the installation procedure is not successful, go back to the previous step and start again from there

If the camera flashes red, you need to abandon the procedure and start all over again


4. Your Somfy Indoor Camera is now successfully installed and you can give it a name.


Click on Next to access Live mode. Take a moment to adjust the viewing angle.


5. Your camera may need an update to bring you the latest features. To do this, click on Update.


6. The update will be downloaded then installed. During the update, do not unplug the camera and wait until the installation is complete.


If the update fails, you will need to reboot your camera. Insert the reboot pin provided, keep it pushed in for one second, then release it. Click on Restart. The update will resume.


7. Congratulations! Your Somfy Indoor Camera has been successfully installed and updated. You can now adjust its motion detection settings. On this screen, you can select the areas you want your camera to monitor and adjust its sensitivity (if you have pets, for example).



The following video shows you all the steps to install your Somfy Indoor Camera.

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