Installing the Somfy Security Camera

Before beginning the camera installation, make sure that your telephone is properly connected to the residential gateway box via WiFi.



Please follow the steps below, which are displayed on the application:

1. Plug the camera to the power supply and wait until it flashes blue

  •   If this does not happen, unplug it and plug it back in again properly
  •   If the camera is still not flashing blue, it needs to be rebooted:
    •   reboot the camera by using the pin provided with the user guide (a paper clip will also do the trick). The pin should be inserted in the hole located below the power port in the rear of the camera.
    •   Insert the pin and keep it inserted for about 12 seconds until you hear an audible signal. If there is no audible signal, insert the pin again, first briefly, then wait 10 seconds, then insert it again until you hear the audible signal
  •   the camera is rebooting; it is now rebooted and should be flashing blue
  •   if the camera’s LED light stays lit with a steady green light, we recommend that you request a support ticket.

2. Enter your WiFi network password (the name of the network is automatically entered—it’s the one that the smartphone is connected to)

3. A QR code appears. Show it to the camera (from a distance of 10 to 20 cm)

  •   if it is recognized, a beeping sound will be heard. Proceed to the next step
  •   if it is not recognized, start the procedure over starting at the previous step

4. The next screen indicates that the camera is connecting and that it can take a minute—the camera is flashing white.

  •   if the installation procedure is successful, the camera emits a steady white light
  •   if the installation procedure is not successful, return to the previous step and start again from there
  •   if the camera flashes red, the procedure has to be abandoned and has to be started all over from the very beginning

5. The next screen offers congratulations and requests that the camera be given a name


Explanatory video

The following video shows the different steps in detail.

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