How does the fire alarm detection work?

Note: this function is only available on the Somfy Security Camera.

Thanks to the Somfy Security Camera and the Somfy Security mobile app, you can be alerted remotely in the event that your smoke detector sounds.

When detection is activated, the microphone integrated in the Security Camera runs continuously. The camera intelligently analyzes the fire alarm’s sound, allowing it to report this event to notify the user of the alert.



Fire alarm detection requires using a Security Camera, either a stand-alone camera or one connected to a Home Alarm system.

Fire alarm detection is not activated if the Security Camera is connected to a Home Control system.

In order for the fire alarm detection to work properly, the shutter of the Security Camera must be open, regardless of the current arming mode (armed, disarmed or night mode).

Please note that in all cases, your privacy will be respected: if the shutter is closed, the microphone is off, and therefore there is no audio recognition.

Warning: when the camera sound is off (speaker icon with strikethrough), fire alarm detection is not possible.

3 setting levels are available :

  • “Always” : whatever the state of your system (Motion detection activated or deactivated), if the shutter is open and the camera sound is on, you will be notified in case of fire alarm. .
  • “Never” : you will never be notified in case of fire alarm, as this functionality is inactivated. 
  • “If detection is activated” : in case of fire alarm, you will be notified if motion detection is activated. 



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