Why is the display showing the presence or absence of users not correct?

A user is displayed as being absent on the app but in fact the user is present in the house

The following reasons may explain this situation:

  • the presence display is disabled, which prevents the dashboard from displaying the presence/absence of users with a key fob, => you can enable it by going to the “Personal life” section of the “Settings” menu
  • the Link is too far from the main entrance door - the Link sees a user coming through the main entrance door via the IntelliTAG placed above the door, but it does not see the key fob because it is too far away=> please bring the Link closer to your main entrance door
  • the user just arrived, entering through the back yard or the garage, for example. The user has not yet gotten close enough to the Link; as a result, the Link has not yet seen the key fob and is unable to indicate the user’s presence=> get closer to the Link so that the key fob can be detected
  • the user arrived and came very close to the Link but he/she then moved away from it and went to the other end of the house or out to the yard; after a certain amount of time, the user’s key fob is seen as absent=> come near the Link so that the key fob can be detected
  • the Link is no longer connected to the Internet, so the presence display cannot be updated

If none of these cases apply, please quit the Somfy Protect app completely and relaunch it.


A user is displayed as present on the app but in fact the user is absent from the house

We invite you to take the following steps:

  • please quit the Somfy Protect application completely and launch it again
  • if the step above does not solve the problem, please unplug the Link, press the button on the side of the Link until the LED light turns off, then plug the Link back in again



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