Positioning and installing the Link

The Link is the key component of the Home Alarm. To install a Home Alarm, the Link must first be installed. It can be installed only from the “Somfy Protect ” mobile app.


Positioning advice

The Link should be positioned in a location where there is optimal communication with the WiFi network and with all installed devices.

  •   it should be plugged into a wall outlet. Avoid plugging it into a power bar
  •   It should be positioned near the main entrance door to allow automatic disarming when a key fob goes through the main entrance door
  •   It should be more or less centralized to communicate with all system components (IntelliTAG, siren, motion sensor)
  •   It communicates through WiFi, so it must be within reasonable distance of the residential gateway box (or the WiFi router)



  •   It should not be positioned in a corner of the house where it will be difficult for it to communicate with all the components



How to install from the app

After creating your personal account and the system account, you will be able to install the Link by following the directions on the screen of the app.

1. First of all, you should clip the plug corresponding to your country to the Link.

2. Plug in the Link and make sure that the LED light comes on. If not, make sure that the plug corresponding to your country is properly clipped to the Link.

3. The smartphone looks for the Link in order to be able to connect to it.

4. The application recommends that you use the WiFi network that the smartphone is connected do in order to transfer its data to the Link (network name and password). It is possible to choose a different WiFi network if necessary.

5. The next step indicates that the smartphone successfully transmitted the WiFi network information to the Link and that the Link is now connected to the WiFi network.

6. The Link then updates and configures itself. This step can take several minutes.

7. The installation is complete and successful: the Link is configured, updated and ready to use.


Your Link is now installed; you’ll now be able to install the other components by continuing to follow the directions on the screen.


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