What should I do when the LED light on the Link is flashing?

When the LED light on the Link flashes, it means that the connection has been lost. At the same time, the dashboard of the Somfy Protect application will display the message “The system is no longer connected at this time.”



When the Link has been properly installed and is functional, but it begins flashing (one flash per second), it means that one of these situations is occurring :

1. the Link no longer has WiFi connection with the residential gateway box

2. the Link is properly connected to the residential gateway box’s WiFi but you no longer have Internet

  • please test your Internet connection by trying to browse on one of your favorite sites
  • if this doesn’t work, you can reboot your residential gateway box

3. Somfy’s servers are momentarily unavailable

  • In this case, the Link has proper Wi-Fi connection and you are connected to the Internet. We invite you to wait a few minutes and then try again to connect


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