How to manage the assignment of user codes for members


The keypad allows each user to have a personal code to control the alarm. Thus, every time the alarm is activated and deactivated, it is identified and listed in the alarm's "recent activity" list. This is useful for knowing when your children arrive at home!


1 How to assign a code to each user

Main code

The 1st code created when the keypad was installed is the main code. Then, you need to set up the user codes

User codes

The user code can be used on all the keypads on your site. There are three different ways to assign a user code:

If the user has already been created, follow the path:

  • In the keypad settings, go to "user codes" and click on the user. Create the code (between 4 and 6 characters). When the code is created, the user receives a push notification that the keypad code has been created.


  • In the user file (Menu > User), click on the name of the user. In the user code, click on "Define" and follow the instructions of the application.


After you have added a new user:

  • When the user is created, the application asks you to create a user code. Click on "yes," then assign the code to the user from the application


Note: the user code must be unique, therefore the same code cannot be assigned to several users. If you do not want to identify a user, give them the main site code.


Once the code is assigned to the user, you must give them their personal code. The code is not visible to anyone. Therefore, the code cannot be displayed, even in the settings of the site administrator-owner.

2 User management after personal codes have been set up

  • Lost code

If a user can't remember their code and the owner also does not remember it, then you need to reset the code for that user. To do this, follow the instructions in the previous point: "if the user has already been created" 

  • Deactivating a user

When you temporarily deactivate a user from your site, this user’s code will no longer be valid until the user is reactivated. When you permanently deactivate/delete a user from your site, their code will also be deleted.

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