Positioning and installing the indoor siren


The Link Essential has to be installed first, the siren can be installed immediately after. It can be installed only by using the Somfy Protect mobile app.


Positioning advice

  •   The siren can be placed on a piece of furniture or mounted to the wall. We do not recommend installing it in an enclosed area because the sound of the siren will be muffled.
  •   If it is mounted on a wall, we recommend that you mount it as high as possible, at the top of a stairwell for example, so that it is out of reach.
  •   To ensure the most dissuasive effect possible prior to a break-in attempt, we invite you to position your 110 dB siren near the main entrance door and openings protected by an IntelliTAG.


How to install by using the app

1. First, open the siren—turn it over and twist the base a quarter turn—then remove the protective tab between the batteries


2. It will emit a “ding” sound. You can then close the siren, being careful to align the orange dots on the siren and base.


3. The siren is now connected to the Link Essential. You can now familiarize yourself with the different siren tones


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