Positioning and installing the Link Essential


The Link Essential is the centerpiece of the Somfy Home Alarm Essential. Installing the Link Essential is the first step for any Somfy Home Alarm Essential. It can be installed only from the Somfy Protect mobile app.


Positioning suggestions

The Link Essential must be positioned in a place with optimal conditions for communicating with the Wi-Fi and all installed peripherals.


  • It must be placed near the front door to enable automatic disarming when a key fob passes through the door.
  • Its location should be more or less central, so it can communicate with all the equipment (IntelliTAG, alarm, motion detector).
  • It should be within a reasonable distance to the gateway box (or Wi-Fi router).
  • It should not be placed in a corner of the house where it would be difficult to communicate with all components.
  • It should be positioned away from radio equipment to avoid interference.



Installation procedure via the app

After creating your personal account and your system account, you can install the Link Essential by following the directions on the screen in the app.


  1. Plug the Link Essential into the power supply and make sure the LED light is on. Make sure the LED is blinking blue. If not, check that the plug is fully inserted.


2. The smartphone searches for the Link Essential to make a connection.

  1. Choose your Wi-Fi network from the list and enter the password. The Link Essential will connect to the network (the network LED blinks green).
  2. If there are any updates available, the Link Essential will update itself after installation. This update may take some time. While the update downloads, the system LED will blink purple. During the update, the system LED will be solid purple. You will be notified once the update is complete. You can then continue installing the Link Essential and its accessories.
  1. Once your Link Essential is installed, the LED will be solid white.

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