What should I do if I get the error message, "Your phone is unable to communicate with the indoor camera"?

You are stuck and the indoor camera installation is incomplete because you are getting the message, "Your phone is unable to communicate with the indoor camera."

The Somfy Indoor Camera can be installed via Bluetooth.

Your mobile must be equipped with Bluetooth 4. If this is not the case the system will switch to an installation by QR Code. It may happen that the installation via Bluetooth abort at some point. In this case, please verify the following points before trying again.

- Move closer to the camera.

- Switch off the other devices connected to your phone via Bluetooth (wireless headphones, speaker, etc.).

- Deactivate and reactivate Bluetooth on your mobile.

If, despite these procedures, the installation via bluetooth fails, click on "alternative installation" (in the error message) this will let you install the camera with the QR Code.

If the situation persists despite this change, contact Somfy customer service.

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