What should I do if I get the error message, "The password is incorrect"?

You are stuck and the Somfy Outdoor camera installation is incomplete because you are getting the message "The password is incorrect."


Be mindful of certain particularities concerning the WiFi network name and password

The Somfy Outdoor Camera does not support the following:

  • WPA-TKIP security protocol (this protocol is no longer supported by the WiFi Alliance)
  • WPA-CCMP security protocol (activated by default on certain free residential gateway boxes)
  • 5.0 GHz WiFi networks
  • WEP keys with fewer than 128 bits
  • the characters “+” and “&” in the WiFi password during the initial installation (after installation and the first update, these characters are accepted)
  • the name of the WiFi (SSID) network and the password together must not exceed 45 characters in length
  • spaces in the name of the WiFi (or SSID) network and in the WiFi password

Lastly, when you are asked to enter your WiFi network password, be careful to avoid errors: be sure to use the correct case for each letter since it may contain upper-case and lower-case characters.

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