What should I do if I get the error message, "No Link Advanced detected"?

You are stuck and the Link Advanced installation is incomplete because you are getting the message "No Link Advanced detected."


Make sure the Link is plugged directly into a wall outlet and lights up (either a steady or a blinking light). If it doesn't light up, make sure the plug is properly inserted in the Link Advanced port. You should hear a "click" when it is plugged in.


Make sure you have installed the Link Advanced within range of your box/router.

Also check that the Link Advanced is positioned correctly. It needs to be upright, not lying on its side.


Make sure the diodes flash blue, one after the other.

If at least one LED lights up, you'll need to reboot the Link :

  • Simultaneously, for 4 seconds, press the reset button (where the batteries are located) and the button located above your Link Advanced

After following these instructions, try again.

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