Positioning and installing the radio relay

The radio relay allows you to extend the Link's radio coverage for IntelliTAGs, motions sensors and sirens.


Positioning advice

The radio relay requires a few precautionary measures, notably concerning its positioning in the home.

  • The relay must be within radio range of the Link. You will not be able to install it if it is out of range.




  • In a multi-story home, we recommend that the Link be installed in a location near the main entrance/exit door (for key fob detection and automatic disarming). However, the radio relay is designed to be located on an upper level.
  • Radio range is once again a factor to take into consideration





Installation procedure using the app

The Link must already be installed.

1. First, snap the plug for your country into the radio relay.

2. Go to the "Settings" menu, then "My Components," "Add a component," and select radio relay from the list.

3. Follow the steps shown on the screen  

The radio relay is now installed and ready to extend your system’s radio coverage.

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