What does the "The siren has been moved" message mean?

The Somfy siren is equipped with a tamper sensor. With this feature, when the system is armed, the siren automatically goes off if it should be moved by an intruder.

Also active when the system is disarmed, the anti-tamper feature warns you that “The siren has been moved” by sending you a notification. This lets you know that it might no longer be positioned in the right place and was moved either inadvertently, or deliberately by someone with malicious intentions.



1. Stability

First make sure that the siren is completely stable in the spot where it was positioned or in the place where it is mounted.


2. Stand/rear cover

Make sure that the rear cover is fully clipped on.


3. Moved inadvertently or on purpose

Make sure that the siren is properly positioned, still in the same place, and that no one has moved it, even very slightly.


4. Disabling the anti-tamper feature

If you wish to, you can disable the siren’s anti-tamper feature by going to the “My components” section of the “Settings” menu, then selecting the siren.



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