Positioning and installing the outdoor siren

The outdoor siren can be installed only by using the Somfy Protect app. The Link must already be installed.

Note: the procedure for pairing the siren must be launched using the app before installing the siren on the outside of your house.


Installation procedure

1. Pairing the siren with the Link

In the app, go to: Menu > Settings > My components > Add a component > Outdoor siren. Follow the app's instructions:

1. Do not attach the base of the siren to the wall before the App prompts you to do so. Also, do not screw the base onto the siren. This step must be performed later.

2. Turn over the siren to access the batteries and remove the tab. If the tab has already been removed, the act of turning the siren over will pair it with the Link.

3. Close the battery compartment

The siren is now paired with the Link!


2. Validating the location for installing the siren to an outside surface of the home

1. Choosing the right location for your siren

  • You must decide where to place the siren according to the layout of your home and the Link's location: it must be within the Link's radio range, otherwise it will not be able to operate.



  • The chosen location must be high enough so as to prevent the siren from being removed. We recommend choosing a surface of your home that is easily seen from the street so that, in the event of a break-in attempt, your neighbors will be warned thanks to the siren's flashing light and 112 dB volume.



2. Test mode: the siren is flashing.

  • This will help determine that the installation location is within the Link's radio range: as long as the siren is flashing, it is within an acceptable distance from the Link.
  •  While in test mode, you must stay on the test mode screen at all times so that the siren can keep flashing.



  •  The app will prompt you to go outside to the chosen location and position the siren in the exact location where you plan to install it.
    •  If the siren is still flashing: it is within the Link's radio range and the chosen location is perfect
    •  If the siren has stopped blinking: it is not within the Link's radio range, so you must choose another location


3. Mount the siren in the chosen location

You may now begin installation. You will need the following tools and accessories:

  •  A drill/driver
  •  A Phillips screwdriver
  •  A pencil to mark with
  •  The provided template
  •  3 screws + 3 dowels provided
  •  A ladder or stepladder
  •  The base of the siren
  •  The siren

1. Using the provided template, mark the three spots to drill. Once you have made the marks, all you have to do is drill.



2. The base of the siren can then be screwed in using the screws and dowels provided.

3. The base now attached to the wall; snap the siren into the base by lining up the marks. You will hear a confirmation "click."


The siren is now paired with the Link and mounted to the wall.



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