Radio relay

The radio relay allows you to extend the Link's radio coverage for IntelliTAGs, motions sensors and sirens.

The radio relay does not relay Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. A maximum of 2 radio relays can be installed per Link.



Description of the radio relay

The radio relay boasts the following features:

  •   Anti-jam/encryption protection for all radio communications
  •   Battery life sufficient for 6-hour power outage
  •   Size: 89x30 mm
  •   Weight: 132 g
  •   Operating temperature: 0-45°C (for indoor use)

The radio relay can be turned off by pressing and holding the button on the side for 6 to 8 seconds.

The LED indicates the radio relay's status at all times:

  •   LED on = radio relay turned on and operating (plugged into electric power)
  •   LED off = radio relay turned off
  •   LED flashes once = when radio relay has just been plugged in or unplugged
  •   LED is half as bright = radio relay is no longer plugged in
  •   LED flashes quickly = when the button is pressed and held until Radio Relay turns off


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