How do I reset the Link?

It may be necessary to reboot the Link in certain situations: Link frozen, complete system uninstallation, interrupted Internet connection in spite of restarting the Link.



  •   unplug the Link, the Link indicator light must be off
  •   if the Link indicator light is still on:
    •   hold down the button on the side until the indicator light turns off
    •   if the Link indicator light stays on, please wait until the Link battery completely loses its charge (up to 6h maximum), the indicator light will turn itself off at that time
  •   plug the Link back in while holding the button down for 8 seconds, then release the button


  • the Link will restart, it has now rebooted, which is indicated by a “slow wave” type of flashing
  • N.B.: if your Link was already installed, this procedure will erase your Link’s previous WiFi settings. You will then need to re-link it to your WiFi network by going to the “Settings,” “My components” menu, selecting the Link then selecting "Change WiFi network"


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