Key fob

Key fob automatically disarms your Somfy home security system and recognizes authorized users. It replaces the keypad used with more traditional security systems, which helps to avoid accidentally setting off the alarm.

Give a key fob to family members, your housekeeper, or trusted neighbors. It alerts you anytime someone enters or leaves your home.

The key fob lets you activate and deactivate the alarm, switch to night mode and set off an SOS alert. One push of the SOS button sends an alert to other system users, a second push immediately sets off the siren.


Key fob description

The key fob’s features are as follows:

  • recognized by the Link for automatic disarming
  • up to 50 meter radio range between the key fob and the Link (in open spaces)
  • battery life: 1 year with battery included (1x CR2032)
  • size: 34x10 mm
  • weight: 12 g
  • operating temperature: 0-45°C

The Link has one LED and 4 buttons:

  • the white LED confirms a command was successfully sent to the Link
  • the arm/disarm/night mode buttons toggle back and forth between modes
  • night mode can be personalized
  • the SOS button lets you send a silent alert (notification only) or immediately set off the siren with a second push


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