Indoor siren

The Somfy indoor siren is the must-have component to send intruders running. It lasts for 3 minutes at 110 dB.

It uses four D batteries (LR20), giving it an autonomous operating time of up to 2 years. It is cordless and can be positioned wherever you wish.


Indoor Siren description

The siren’s features are as follows:

  •   Up to 200 meter radio range between the siren and the Link (in open spaces)
  •  Battery life: 2 years with batteries (4 LR20 Alkaline batteries included)
  •   anti-jamming protection
  •   size: 175 x 45 mm
  •   weight: 985g
  •   operating temperature: 0-45°C

The siren has a light all along its edge and a speaker (in addition to the siren):

  •   the soft flashing light confirms when the siren is armed and disarmed
  •   the light also flashes when the siren is sounding at 110 dB
  •   the speaker plays tunes to confirm when the siren is armed and disarmed
  •   the speaker also plays a pre-alarm that indicates the imminent start of the 110 dB siren
  •   the speaker confirms with an audible "ding" that the system’s other components have been properly installed (IntelliTAG, key fob, etc.)
  •   there is no button available on the siren


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