How do I know whether Somfy Around™ is actually working for my home?

What’s Somfy Around™?

The Somfy Around™ community network ensures the encrypted and anonymous transmission of your alerts in case of WIFI network failure.

This free service is available if one of your neighbors is also equipped with a Somfy Home Alarm and has activated this service.


How do I know whether Somfy Around™ works for my installation?

You can check at any time whether Somfy Around™ works on your system.

In your Somfy Protect app, go to menu, then click on “Settings” then “Somfy Around.”

1. If it’s not already done, activate Somfy Around™ in this screen:



2. The system will then automatically test whether other Somfy systerms are closeby:



3. The result is then displayed with the Somfy Around™ connection status:



Your alerts will be relayed by Somfy Around™ if your WIFI network fails.


4. You can test the Somfy Around™ network connection at any time by coming back to this screen and pressing the “Test Somfy Around” button at the bottom.

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