What should I do if I do not succeed in installing my security camera?


The installation of the Security Camera is not successful – you are stuck at one of the steps.



1. Check the Security Camera’s power supply

Check to see whether the Security Camera is receiving power: the power cord should be completely inserted and the adapter should be plugged into an outlet which is not controlled by a light switch. It is recommended to use a wall socket. A few seconds after being plugged in, the Security Camera opens and its indicator light comes on.

To confirm that the problem does not come from the power supply unit, connect the camera directly to the USB port of a computer or to another USB power supply unit.


2. Reboot the Security Camera

Reboot the camera by using the pin provided with the user guide (a paper clip will also do the trick). The pin should be inserted in the hole located below the power port in the rear of the camera.

Insert the pin and press it for about 12 seconds until you hear a tone. If nothing happens, insert the pin again, first briefly, then wait 10 seconds, then insert it again until you hear the tone.

The camera is ready to be reinstalled.



3. If you are installing the product via a QR Code, check the brightness level of your phone

For the Security Camera and in certain cases, the Indoor Camera, the process will usually include a step in which the camera will need to read a QR Code displayed on your phone screen. To ensure the best quality of the captured image, please check the following:

- Clean the camera lens with a soft non-abrasive cloth.

- Decrease slightly the brightness level of your phone's backlight and try again.

- Make sure the reading is not carried out in direct sunlight or in an overly bright environment.

If you still have problems scanning the QR Code, you can take a screenshot of it and send the picture file to your computer or tablet, or print it, and try again.


4. For installations via Bluetooth (only possible with an android smartphone)

Only the Indoor Camera can be installed via Bluetooth.

Your mobile must be equipped with Bluetooth 4. If this is not the case the system will switch to an installation by QR Code. It may happen that the installation via Bluetooth abort at some point. In this case, please verify the following points before trying again.

- Move closer to the camera.

-Switch off the other devices connected to your phone via Bluetooth (wireless headphones, speaker, etc.).

- Deactivate and reactivate Bluetooth on your mobile.

If, despite these procedures, the installation via bluetooth fails, click on "alternative installation" (in the error message) this will allow you to install the camera with the QR Code.


5. Be mindful of certain particularities concerning the WiFi network name and password

The Security Camera does not support the following:

  • WPA-TKIP security protocol (this protocol is no longer supported by the WiFi Alliance)
  • WPA-CCMP security protocol (activated by default on certain free residential gateway boxes)
  • 5.0 GHz WiFi networks
  • WEP keys with fewer than 128 bits
  • the characters “+” and “&” in the WiFi password during the initial installation (after installation and the first update, these characters are accepted)
  • the name of the WiFi (SSID) network and the password together must not exceed 45 characters in length
  • spaces in the name of the WiFi (or SSID) network and in the WiFi password

Lastly, when you are asked for your WiFi network password, be careful to avoid errors: be sure to use the correct case for each letter since it may contain upper-case and lower-case characters.


6. Check the quality of the WiFi connection

A good quality WiFi connection is needed for the camera to operate properly. If the previous steps failed, please install the camera again, placing it in the immediate vicinity of your residential gateway box (or WiFi router).

We invite you to check our tips about improving WiFi reception and positioning the Security Camera.


If, despite of these recommendations, the installation is still not successful (the camera remains closed, it is not flashing blue, the QR code is not recognized, the camera displays a steady green LED light, you are stuck on one of the steps), we recommend that you request a support ticket.

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