How to activate the instant alarm

When an IntelliTAG detects an attempted intrusion, it communicates that event to the Link and the alert procedure is triggered, either with a pre-alarm (also known as a Warning), or with the instant siren.

In the settings of each IntelliTAG, a parameter allows you to activate or deactivate the instant alarm.





Instant alarm deactivated

  • The little pre-alarm tune is played by the siren for 15 seconds (impact, followed or not by an opening) or 30 seconds (opening without impact)
  • This pre-alarm allows the Link to search for your badge in the immediate environment and thus automatically disarm the system
  • If no badge is detected, you are probably not the person who has touched your front door, the siren or sirens (inside and outside) are triggered after the 15 or 30 seconds

Instant alarm activated

  • as soon as the IntelliTAG detects an impact or an opening, the siren or sirens (inside and outside) are instantly activated


The first step is to activate the instant alarm on all IntelliTAGs that protect the openings by which you do not usually enter your home, for example, the windows.

Next, you decide whether to keep the 15/30 second pre-alarm and whether you also want the instant alarm on the front door:

  • If your badge is recognised through the front door, then you can set the front door IntelliTAG in instant alarm mode
  • If your badge is only recognised once the front door is open (meaning you hear the little pre-alarm tune every day), it is advisable to retain the pre-alarm on that IntelliTAG to allow time for the Link to locate your badge once the door is open
  • If this is the case in your situation and you want to dispense with the pre-alarm and set the instant alarm, you need to bring the Link closer to your front door so that it can detect your badge through the front door

Please note that once the siren is triggered, the Link no longer searches for a badge and automatic disarming is disabled

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