How do I perform a complete uninstall?

If you would like to relocate your equipement or give it to someone else, you will first need to perform an uninstall. You must be the owner who initially created the installation to be able to delete it.



1. Deleting the cameras from the application

Go to the “Settings” menu in the “Somfy Protect” application, then “My components.”

  •   Select the first camera you would like to delete
  •   select the “Delete” button, in the form of a red trash bin at the bottom of the screen
  •   after you confirm that you wish to delete, the camera will be completely deleted from the application
  •   proceed in the same way to delete any other cameras

N.B.: Any subscription to Somfy services is automatically canceled when a camera is deleted.


2. Rebooting the Security Camera

Reboot the camera by using the pin provided with the user guide (a paper clip will also do the trick). The pin should be inserted in the hole located below the power port in the rear of the camera.


Insert the pin once quickly, then immediately again and keep it pressed down until you hear an audible signal. Rebooting is confirmed when the LED flashes blue.

The camera restarts and is now rebooted. You can now unplug it.


3. Completing the uninstall

Finally, still in the “Settings” menu of the application, select “Home info.” Then press on the red “Delete” trash bin at the bottom and confirm your selection.


After completing both these steps, you will have completely uninstalled your Somfy Protect system. Your system is ready to be installed elsewhere or by someone else.

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