How do I adjust the sensitivity of an IntelliTAG?

Your IntelliTAG is easily calibrated during installation by selecting the type of door or window where it is installed.

In some unusual configurations, such as a heavy security door, it may be advisable to adjust the detection sensitivity for better protection.

For this situation, select the "System" menu in your application and select the IntelliTAG whose sensitivity you want to adjust. Select the desired sensitivity level (from 1 for low sensitivity to vibrations to 9 for high sensitivity to vibrations), and then confirm to save your changes.

Here are some examples of recommended settings:
- sensitivity set to 6: low sensitivity, suitable for less rigid openings
- sensitivity set to 7 or 8: standard sensitivity, for traditional doors and windows
- sensitivity set to 9: high sensitivity, such as for security doors

Feel free to contact Customer Support if you would like help installing an IntelliTAG.

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