How do I recalibrate an IntelliTAG?

The proper operation of an IntellliTAG may be disturbed by magnetic fields or metal items located near the IntelliTAG.

If you notice that it is malfunctioning or if you receive a message “Site name: a recalibration of IntelliTAG ABC is required,” you must recalibrate the IntelliTAG.



We invite you to follow the steps below in order.

1. Recalibrate the IntelliTAG

  •  in the Somfy Protect application, go to the “Settings”menu, then go to “My components”
  •  select the IntelliTAG in question
  •  press the “Recalibrate the IntelliTAG” button
  •  let the application guide you


2. Reinstalling the IntelliTAG differently

If the request to recalibrate recurs too frequently, it is necessary to reinstall the IntelliTAG differently

  •  in the Somfy Protect application, go to the “Settings” menu, then go to “My devices”
  •  select the IntelliTAG in question
  •  uninstall the IntelliTAG by clicking on the “Delete” button (in the form of a red trash can)
  •  be prepared to reposition it differently (a second adhesive is provided with the IntelliTAG), by rotating it 180° and by possibly moving away from any iron framework or electric meter
  •  reinstall the sensor by going to “My components” in the “Settings” menu, then pressing the “+” in the upper right portion of the screen. Then select the IntelliTAG peripheral device



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