What should I do if the Security Camera displays a gray picture?

When you access your Security Camera, the screen remains grey and seems to be displaying no image.



1. Opening/closing of the shutter

First of all, please try to open and/or close your camera’s shutter via the Somfy Protect application. If this is does not work, go to the next step.


2. Reboot the camera using the application

If there is an Internet connection, we invite you to reboot the camera by going to the “My components” section of the application’s “Settings” menu, then selecting the camera that you want to reboot. You should see an “on/off” icon appear in the upper right-hand side of your screen. Press this icon and select “Reboot.”

If the icon does not appear, this means that the camera is currently disconnected, so you cannot reboot it via the application.


3. Manual reboot of the camera with the pin

Because the camera is equipped with a battery, you cannot reboot it simply by unplugging it. Get the reboot pin supplied with the user guide and insert it for a half a second in the hole located on the back of the camera, under the power cable. The camera will then emit a sound, the LED light will flash and the camera will reboot.


4. Despite the reboot, the picture remains gray

First be sure that your camera is within good range of its WiFi hotspot. We invite you to follow our advice for improving the Security Camera’s WiFi reception.

If the WiFi connection is good but the picture remains gray, it is necessary to reboot the camera. We invite you to follow the procedure for installing or reinstalling the Security Camera.

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