How to control your Somfy Protect system using Google Assistant?


Google Assistant is a personal assistant that allows you to use voice commands to ask questions, perform searches, and control various connected devices and objects.

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You do not talk directly to your Somfy Protect products but to Google Assistant, which then transmits the command to your system.


What you need 

Before starting, make sure that your device supports Google Assistant and that your Somfy Protect system is connected and works.

You can control the following Somfy Protect devices:  

  • Somfy Security Camera
  • Somfy One
  • Somfy One+
  • Somfy Home Alarm 
  • Somfy home Alarm Advanced

Google Assistant is integrated in some devices and can be added to others:

  • Google Home, Google Home Mini, Google Home Max
  • Smartphones with Android version 6.0 or older
  • Tablets with Android version 6.0 or older
  • Chromebook
  • TVs with Android version 6.0 or older
  • Phones with iOS version 9.0 or older (the Google Assistant app on the App Store can be found here)


Configure your Somfy Protect installation the Google Assistant

To connect your Somfy Protect account:

  • Launch Google Assistant on your smartphone
  • Search and add Somfy Protect
  • Touch the “Connect Somfy to Google” icon to connect your Somfy Protect account to your Google Assistant. Use the same username and password that you use to connect to your Somfy Protect App.
  • You must approve the required authorisations so that your Google Assistant can control your system.
  • Once the connection has been made, simply talk to your Google Assistant.



Available commands


Turn on the alarm
  • "Ok Google, turn "name_of_the_site" on »


Turn on the night mode
  • "Ok Google, set "name_of_the_site" on night mode »
Open / close the camera shutter
  • "Ok Google,  open "name_of_the_indoor_camera" »
  • "Ok Google, close "name_of_the_indoor_camera" »
Turn off the alarm
  • "Ok Google, turn "name_of_the_site" off »
  • "Ok Google, turn on privacy privacy on "name_of_the_indoor_camera" »
  • "Ok Google, turn off privacy on "name_of_the_indoor_camera" »





Other questions

Can I have multiple users using my Google Home at home to control my installation?


All users who want to control the Somfy Protect installation from a Google Home must first have their Google Assistant configured to have their voice recognized.
For security reasons, only users with matching voices are allowed to perform actions via Google Assistant.

How to add another user?

From the smartphone of the second user, follow the same procedure via the Google Assistant and fill in his Somfy Protect credentials, when requested.

Can I order my installation from multiple devices with Google Assistant?


Your devices embedding Google Assistant (Google Home, Goole Home mini, other speakers, ...) must still use the same Google account.



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