What should I do if an IntelliTAG fails to detect an opening?

The IntelliTAG has not triggered any alerts since it has been installed, it does not detect all the opening events, or it has suddenly stopped sending alerts.

Please note the following points:

  • The calibration or recalibration instructions only apply to front doors, inside doors and windows.
  • When placed on a sliding window, a sliding door or a garage door, an IntelliTAG does not send “opening” alerts, but only “break-in attempt” alerts.
  • On opening frames which include two independent panels (with a separate handle on each one), it is recommended to install an IntelliTAG per panel.



  1. Before you begin

Before testing the IntelliTAG, make sure that:

  • The IntelliTAG has been installed
  • The system is fully armed
  • You have waited 30 seconds after arming the system


  1. Setting the sensitivity of the IntelliTAG

The sensitivity set for the IntelliTAG may be inadequate, which means it has to be adjusted.

In that case, please see the following instructions: How do I adjust the sensitivity of an IntelliTAG?


  1. Recalibrating the IntelliTAG

If the IntelliTAG has been installed on a revolving door or window, it may be necessary to recalibrate it.

In that case, please see the following instructions: How do I recalibrate an IntelliTAG?


  1. Reinstalling the IntelliTAG

If nothing changes after you have adjusted the sensitivity of the IntelliTAG, and recalibrated it, then the IntelliTAG has to be uninstalled, and reinstalled:

  • In the Somfy Protect app, choose “My devices” in the “Settings” menu
  • Select the appropriate IntelliTAG
  • Uninstall the IntelliTAG by clicking on the red Delete button
  • Reinstall the IntelliTAG by choosing “My devices” in the “Settings” menu, and pressing on the “+” sign at the bottom of the screen, and selecting IntelliTAG in the list
  • Follow the instructions given by the app


  1. Repositioning the IntelliTAG

If the problem remains unsolved, uninstall the IntelliTAG, and remove it from the opening frame: you will reposition it in a different way (the IntelliTAG comes with an extra strip of double-sided tape). Reinstall the IntelliTAG, placing it this time 180° with respect to its original position, making sure you keep away from metal frames and electric meters.

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