What does the notification "The IntelliTAG’s cover has been opened" mean?

The IntelliTAG has an “anti-tamper” mechanism that prevents any accidental or ill-intentioned opening and neutralization of the sensor.


How the IntelliTAG’s anti-tamper feature works

When the cover of the IntelliTAG is closed, the anti-tamper button, located right underneath the cover, is depressed.

If the cover is opened, the button is released, which triggers the sending of the notification “The cover of the IntelliTAG has been opened.”

If the alarm is activated, the siren will go off.


What to do if you mistakenly receive a message about the cover being opened

If you receive a message that the cover has been opened but no one has handled the sensor and the cover is still on the device, it is a good idea to make sure that the cover is properly closed.

To do so, recalibrate the sensor (by going to the Settings menu> My components>IntelliTAG> Recalibrate the IntelliTAG) and make sure that the cover is firmly attached.

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