What should I do if the Somfy One fails to update?

Your Somfy One / One+ needs to be updated to benefit from the latest features.
This may take several minutes and varies depending on the quality of your internet connection.

If the update becomes stuck or fails:
- Check the quality of the wireless in the location where your Somfy One is installed. Move it closer to your residential gateway if necessary.
- Check the stability of the internet connection and your bandwidth: you can carry out a speed test to check your line speed, latency, and download and upload speed. You can use free software or an app to test your speed:

PC/Mac - Speedtest Web
iOS - Speedtest iOS
Android - Speedtest Android

Once you've checked each of these items, use the reboot pin provided for a short press (1 sec) on the back to restart the component and relaunch the update.


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