Why am I not receiving every notification?

There are different groups of users and each can be given different rights on your system. Depending on which group a user belongs to, he/she will not necessarily receive every notification (push/e-mail/text messages).

1. Who receives notifications?
Owners receive all notifications; they are also the only ones to receive text messages in the most urgent situations (break-in attempts and distress alerts)
members of the Family & friends group receive emergency notifications (break-in attempts and distress alerts)
guests receive no notifications, unless they also belong to the Family and friends group
Children and members of the Neighbours group do not receive any notifications

2. Authorization from the Somfy Protect app
Please check your smartphone’s settings to see whether you have actually authorized the App to send you notifications.

3. Receiving e-mails
In addition to the push notifications sent to your smartphone, certain notifications are also sent by e-mail. Check your junk mail to see whether notifications from your system have been sent there.

4. Receiving text messages
Only administrates receive notifications via text messaging. Check your account settings to make sure that your phone number is correct if ever you are not receiving these text messages.


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