How do I delete the entire system?

If you want to move your system or transfer it to another person, you must first uninstall it.

To do this, just follow the steps below:
- Go to the "System" menu in the Somfy Protect App
- In the list of existing devices, tap the Somfy One / One+ and then delete it
- After the prompt to confirm the deletion, all the equipment contained in your system (siren, IntelliTAGs, etc.) will automatically be uninstalled.

You must then reboot your Somfy One / One+ by following the procedure below:
- Insert the pin and keep it inserted for about 10 seconds then release.
- You should hear a beep.
- The device is ready to be reinstalled.

Finally, still in your application's "System" menu, you can delete the system location by tapping its name. Next, tap the "Delete" section.

After completing these steps, you will have completely uninstalled your system.

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