What should I do if I do not succeed in installing my Somfy One / One+?

The installation of the Somfy One / One+ is not successful – you are stuck at one of the steps.


1. Check the power supply
Check to see whether the device is receiving power: the power cord should be completely inserted and the adapter should be plugged into a non-controlled outlet. It is recommended to use a wall plug. A few seconds after being plugged in, the Security Camera opens and its indicator light comes on.
To confirm that the problem does not come from the power supply unit, connect the camera directly to the USB port of a computer or to another USB power supply unit.


2. Reboot the device
Reboot the device by using the pin provided with the user guide (a paper clip will also do the trick). The pin should be inserted in the hole located below the power port in the rear of the camera.
- Insert the pin and keep it inserted for about 10 seconds then release.
- You should hear a beep.
- The device is ready to be reinstalled. Follow the installation process.


3. Check your phone’s brightness
One of the installation steps (Android) consists of the device’s reading a QR code displayed on the screen of your phone. In order for the reading to be done under good conditions, your phone’s brightness has to be adequate. Please ensure that the display is neither too dark nor too bright by selecting the medium or default brightness setting.

4. Be mindful of certain particularities concerning the WiFi network name and password

The device does not support the following:
- 5.0 GHz WiFi networks
- WEP keys with fewer than 64 bits

The device support the following:
- WPA-CCMP security mode
- spaces in the name of the WiFi (or SSID) network and in the WiFi password

WPA2 is recommended


5. Check the quality of the WiFi connection

A good quality WiFi connection is needed for the device to operate properly. If the previous steps failed, please install the device again, placing it in the immediate vicinity of your residential gateway box (or WiFi router).
We invite you to follow our advice concerning improving WiFi reception and positioning the Somfy One / One+

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