What type of installation should I choose: Wi-Fi or GSM subscription?


Link Advanced can be installed and operated in two ways:

  • with the protected home's W-Fi network
  • with the control unit's built-in GSM card

The choice of this communication mode should be determined at the start of the installation.A complete removal of the installation is required to switch from one connection mode to the other. 

GSM installation allows a home without Internet connection (ADSL, Fibre or 4G Box) to be protected. To validate the GSM installation, you will need to take out a €4.99/month mobile network subscription.  

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How does the mobile network subscription operate?


What happens to Link Advanced in the event of an Internet outage? 


Link Advanced has a function called “backup network”, which is activated if the system is armed and the Wi-Fi communication mode is off

The back-up network is available for the first 5 years of operation. After this period, if you wish to continue to benefit from the service, you will have to pay a €2.99/month subscription fee.  

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How does the GSM backup network function?


Comparative table of communication modes


Here are a few examples of how Link Advanced works, depending on whether it is communicating over Wi-Fi, via the GSM subscription or during an Internet outage, when it switches to the backup network. 


  Wi-Fi GSM subscription GSM backup network
Installation of a camera Yes No* No
Video alert Yes No** No
Smoke detector alert*** Yes Yes Yes
SOS alert Yes Yes Yes
Intrusion alert Yes Yes Yes
System fault alert Yes Yes No
Power failure alert Yes Yes Yes
Internet loss alert Yes n/a** Yes
System activation alert Yes Yes No
System deactivation alert Yes Yes No
Manage via the application Yes Yes No


Please note: the backup network is only connected to transmit important information.  


* A camera can be installed if the protected home has a Wi-Fi connection. 

** valid if a camera is installed on a Wi-Fi network. 

*** smoke detector available last quarter of 2021

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