How does the mobile network subscription operate?

This service only operates systems that include a Link Advanced.


This mode of operation makes your system completely autonomous (without a landline and Wi-Fi). You can manage your alarm with just a smartphone connected to the Internet.

All communications and alerts are transmitted via the GSM mobile network. The mobile network subscription allows you to make the most of all the features of your alarm.

A subscription to the service is required to finalize the installation of your Link in GSM.


The subscription is priced at € 4.99, with no obligation and you can cancel from your Somfy Protect application at any time.

Somfy Protect relies on the GSM network of other operators to provide this service.

A dedicated provider is in charge of managing all connectivity with telephone operators.


Please note that availability of this service depends on the coverage in your geographical area. General terms and conditions of services | Somfy Protect

To improve your GSM signal, you can add an external GSM antenna, available from our online store.

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