The keypad


The indoor keypad allows the user, loved ones, and other individuals to gain access to the home. This unique code (4–6 characters) is used to activate and deactivate monitoring. Each user can also have his own code (user code), which makes it possible to identify the actions carried out, children for example, since the recent activity.


The keypad may be attached to the wall using 3M adhesive (pre-installed on the product), screwed in (screws and anchors not included), or placed on a piece of furniture (pads included).


The recommended placement is near the Link Advanced and close to the most frequently used entry door.


Keypad description


The keypad's specifications are as follows:

  • Radio range up to 200 m (650') in free field conditions
  • Battery life: 2 years on back-up battery (2 AA batteries included)
  • Size: 28 x 113 mm (1.1" x 4.4")
  • Weight: 178 g (6.2 oz.) (including batteries)
  • Operating temperature: 0 to 40°C (32–104°F)
  • Use: indoors

The keypad has LED lighting and 16 keys:

  • The arm/disarm/night mode buttons allow you to change the alarm mode
  • 2 beeps + white LED on the selected mode = your request has been accepted
  • 1 long beep + red LED on the cross = the code entered is incorrect
  • 3 beeps + red LED on the cross = the keypad(s) will be locked for 3 minutes following 3 consecutive incorrect code entries

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