What types of scenarios can I create?

It is possible to set up 6 differents types of scenarios, each related to an action on your Link Advanced:

  • Arm: when I activate my alarm
  • Disarm: when I deactivate my alarm
  • Night mode: when I activate night mode
  • Alarm in progress: when the alarm is in progress
  • S.O.S: when an SOS alarm is in progress
  • Fire: when a fire alarm is in progress

What is the role of scenarios?


The purpose is to link an action within Somfy Home Alarm Advanced to an action on the shutters.

  1. Select the scenario based on the action you want your alarm to take.
  2. Match it with at least one Somfy roller shutter for which you want an action: raise, lower, or preferred position ("My position").

If more than one preferred position has been set up (possible with some roller shutters), only the first position set by the user will be used.

  1. Sample scenario: closing all paired shutters when the user activates the alarm.

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