Why does my key fob lose its charge so quickly?


My key fob hasn’t been installed for very long, but the system is already asking me to change the battery.



There is no particular procedure to follow. Two possibilities that you should watch out for may cause this situation:

  • one or several buttons of the key fob was/were left pressed in unintentionally for a certain length of time at the bottom of a pocket or a bag, which hastened the depletion of the battery
  • the original battery was defective, which, though very rare, is conceivable; even though it is almost new, it may be necessary to change it

Note that you can always check the status of the key fob’s battery in the “Somfy Protect” application: go to the “My components” part of the “Settings” menu and select the key fob in question. Here you’ll see the status of the battery as a percentage.

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