Installing the smoke detector

How and where do I install my smoke detector?


Where to install the detector


For optimal protection, we recommend installing several smoke detectors.
The first detector should be installed in the middle of the house. Install subsequent detectors in living spaces, near main entrances, and in bedrooms, then in the attic and basement.
To connect the detector to Somfy Protect, be sure it is within range of your Somfy One or Link.


The detector should be installed on the ceiling. Make sure the selected position is at least 30 cm from the wall. If you are installing the detector on a sloped ceiling, it should be no more than 50 cm from the top.


Avoid the following locations:

Do not install your smoke detector in the kitchen, bathroom, or garage, or near any device that generates flows of air (heater, window, air conditioner, etc.).



How to install the detector


1- Insert the batteries.

2 - Place the base in the desired position and mark the holes. Drill and insert the provided screw anchors.

3 - Use the provided screws to attach the base to the ceiling.

4 - Connect the detector to the base and turn to lock it into place.

5 - To pair it with your Link or Somfy One, log in to your account on the Somfy Protect app.


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