Installing the Somfy Outdoor Camera from the app


Ensure your camera is switched off before working on it.

Before beginning the installation of your camera through the Somfy Protect app, you will first need to have installed it and connected it to the power supply > Electrical Installation of the Somfy Outdoor Camera



Once your camera is attached to the wall and connected to the power supply, you can proceed with the installation through the Somfy Protect app. To do this, please follow the steps displayed in the app:

  1. The camera light will flash blue after being switched on, regardless of the power connection type.

If it fails to do so, please check the power has been correctly connected to the camera. Ensure the power is switched off before doing this.

Then switch the power back on. If the camera still fails to flash blue, you will need to reset it:

  • Reset the camera using the reset pin supplied with the user guide (a paper clip will also work). Insert this into the hole on the rear of the camera.


  • Press the pin into the hole and hold for around 6 seconds until you hear a beep 
  • The camera will restart. It has now been reset and should flash blue
  • Restart installation and follow the steps on the screen.


  1. You can then select the wireless network and enter the password for the network (on Android). If installing through an iPhone, you won’t need to enter the password as it will be directly shared with the camera.


  1. The following screen shows that the camera is in the process of being installed and will take several minutes. The camera LED will flash white.
  • If the installation completes, the LED will display a steady white light.
  • If the installation fails to complete, restart from the previous step
  • If the camera flashes red, the installation must be stopped and restarted from the beginning


  1. Your camera is now installed. You can name it as you wish or according to the chosen location.


  1. Click on Next to access the Live feed

Use this step to adjust the view angle of the camera. Please follow these instructions to discover how orient the camera. Unscrew the screw on the upper part of the ball joint using the supplied Allen key, presenting it as shown in the illustration below (insert the end of the long section of the L-shape into the screw head and turn the Allen key using the short section).


  • You can adjust the camera position upwards or downwards to view your wall or see further afield by increasing the field of view.
  • You can also orient the camera left or right. To do this, hold the upper part of the camera whilst using your other hand to pivot the lower section in the desired direction.

Once the adjustments are complete, remember to screw the screw on the ball joint back in to ensure the camera is securely held in place.


  1. Your camera’s software may need to be updated to allow you access to the latest features. If this is needed, the update will be downloaded then installed. Do not do anything to the camera, allow the update process to take place, which may take several minutes.


  1. Once the camera has been installed and updated, you can then configure motion detection.


  1. If the camera is connected to an outdoor light, you need to declare its presence in order to configure how the light will be triggered, the trigger threshold, and the duration the light will be on for > How to configure an outdoor light 

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