What should I do if I can’t install my camera in the Home app?

Firstly, only the Somfy Indoor Camera is HomeKit-compatible and consequently is the only camera that can be installed on the Home app. If you have a Somfy Security Camera, you will only be able to install and use it through the Somfy Protect app.


In the event of any problems, please check the following:


  1. Check the camera power supply

Check the camera power supply: the power cable should be firmly inserted into the camera, and the plug should be plugged into an unswitched outlet. Please try to use a wall plug. The camera will open and its indicator light switch on a few seconds after being plugged in. 


To ensure the problem is not being caused by the power supply, try connecting the camera directly to a computer through USB or to another USB power supply.


  1. Restart the camera

Restart the camera using the pin supplied with the user guide (a paper clip will also work). Insert into the hole underneath the power supply on the rear of the camera.


Push the pin in and hold for around 12 seconds until you hear a beep. If nothing happens, briefly reinsert the pin, wait 10 seconds, then reinsert until you hear the beep.

The camera is ready to be reinstalled.


  1. Check the wireless connection

Please be aware that the camera does not support the following:

  • WPA-TKIP security mode (this mode is no longer supported by the WiFi Alliance)
  • WPA-CCMP security mode (activated by default on some Freeboxes)
  • 5.0GHz wireless networks
  • WEP keys of less than 128 bits
  • The characters "+" and "&" in the wireless password when first installed (after installation and the first update, these characters will then be accepted)
  • The total length of the wireless network name (SSID) and the password together should not exceed 45 characters
  • Spaces in the wireless network name (or SSID) and in the wireless password

Below you can directly access the information provided by the provider of your wireless access to modify the parameters of your internet gateway:


Advanced wireless on Freebox (in French)


Livebox Play: modify wireless encryption (in French)


How to manage your wireless connection (in French)


Modifying your wireless channel (in French)


Improve your wireless connection (in French)


Activate and configure wireless options (in French)


  1. Check the quality of the wireless signal

A good quality wireless connection is required for the camera to operate effectively. If the previous steps failed to solve the issue, please restart the installation of your camera by moving it close to your internet gateway (or wireless router).


For more information, please see our tips for improving the positioning of your Security camera and its wireless reception.


If despite following these recommendations the installation continues to fail (the camera remains closed, the light doesn’t flash blue, the camera displays a steady green LED, you become stuck at one of the installation steps), you’ll need to consult our Somfy forum.


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