How to configure an outdoor lighting ?

If you installed your camera by connecting it to an outdoor light, you can configure the trigger mode for the light, the trigger threshold, and the duration the light will be on for.


Trigger mode

Your light may be switched on in three different modes: 

  • Always on: if motion is detected by the camera, regardless of the level of protection (active or not), your light will switch on according to the configured trigger level (see Trigger threshold section).
  • If protection is activated: if motion is detected by the camera, if and only if protection is activated and always in accordance with the configured trigger threshold (see Trigger threshold), your light will switch on.
  • Manual only: regardless of if motion has been detected by the camera, if it is day or night, your light will only switch on if you choose to switch it on manually from the home screen in the app or from the video screen.

The bulb icon will be blue when the light is switched on.btn_light_active_3x.png


Touch it to switch the light off (bulb icon will be grey).btn_light_3x.png



Trigger threshold

You can set a trigger threshold to prevent your light switching on during the day. Your camera will tell you the outdoor light levels with a marker with two triangles: the darker it is outside, the more the brightness marker will move to the left, the brighter it is outside, the more it will move to the right.

If you want your light to switch on when it is almost night, position the cursor (blue dot) towards the right. Conversely, if you want your light to switch on while it is still light, position the cursor to the left.



Lighting duration

Once triggered, your light will remain on for the configured duration. If the camera detects further movement, the counter will reset for the specified number of seconds. The light will thus stay on if you walk past the camera before the light switches off.

Note: when you trigger your light manually (from the home screen or live video), the light will not switch off within the configured duration but will remain switched on like a standard light. You will need to switch the light off from the app. 

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