How can I cancel my offer?

In order to cancel your subscription to a paying plan, use your Somfy Protect mobile application. Go to the menu, then select “My services”.



The “My services” page is made of three parts:

  1. Offer - displays the current plan
  2. Services - services linked to my plan
  3. Payments - access to invoices

If you want to cancel your current plan, you’ll come back to the Basic Self Monitoring plan (free, without commitment):

1. Press on the current plan.

2. Display the “Basic Self Monitoring” plan then press on the “Select” button at the bottom.

3. A confirmation screen will ask you whether you’d like to continue with terminating your plan (“Continue”) or go back (“Cancel”).

4. This last screen confirms that the subscription has been updated.

5. Once back in settings, you can see under “My plans” that the current plan has been canceled (exclamation point on the right) and will end on the date displayed.

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