How can I configure my pro-monitoring service? (US)

Service only available in the United States


To configure your pro-monitoring service, use your Somfy Protect mobile application. Go to the menu then select “My services”.

The “My services” page is made of three parts:

  1. Offer - displays the current plan
  2. Services - services linked to my plan
  3. Payments - access to invoices

When the service isn’t configured yet, an exclamation point appears on the right hand side. To configure it:

1. Press on “24/7 professional monitoring”

2. An information screen lists the advantages, and an orange button at the bottom brings you to configuration.


3. The next screen displays the address of your home. You can modify it, if necessary.

4. On this screen, you must select the first contact (one of the owners only) that the monitoring center will call, as well as their phone number, and an emergency password in case you would need to call the monitoring center due to an intruder.

5. On the next screen, you can decide whether or not to add a second contact, as well as their information (phone number, password, emergency password). It can be:

  • another owner (identical screen as first contact)
  • a community member (identical screen as first contact)
  • an external person to Somfy users of the current site (you must enter their first and last name)
  • You can also choose not to add anyone else.

6. In the next step, the telephone number of the local authorities that the monitoring center will call is pre-filled based on your postal code. You can modify it if necessary.

7. This screen confirms that the pro-monitoring service is now correctly configured.

8. The next screen shows that the service is updating with all the information entered.

9. This last screen confirms that the service is now active.

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